Phoenix LiteOS 11 MPB (22000.346)

Phoenix LiteOS 11 MPB (22000.346)

►►► Phoenix LiteOS 11 MPB ◄◄◄
► Windows 11 Pro (22000.346) Compact | Super Lite ◄
– No TPM Required –


► Designed to breathe new life into your PC ◄
– The Same Build I’m using on my own PC –
– Fixes several bugs and issues found in CleanOS 11 –
■ Has Support for Multi Language, UWP Apps, MS Store Apps and Games, XBOX Game Pass, and Much Much More ■

Designed to work well on older low spec PC’s.
Uses significantly less storage space, idle RAM and CPU Processes.
Improves System Responsiveness.
Reduces Boot Time, and software loading times.
Improves gaming and productivity performance.
Enhances Desktop looks with taskbar transparency and added themes.

Also Great for use on modern high end PC’s.
Get your work done faster with increased performance for productivity, and enjoy smoother gaming thanks to increased FPS and improved stability.

Spoiler: Build Info
Spoiler: Important Information
Spoiler: Integrated Software
Spoiler: Optional Software
Spoiler: Missing Fonts
Spoiler: Installation Issues?
Spoiler: Language Pack Issues?
Spoiler: XBOX App Sign in Issues?
Screen Shots:

What this build looks like on my 1920 x 1080 display:

Phoenix LiteOS 11 MPB (22000.346)


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